How it works?

Kurslab is a platform which brings the trainers and trainees together in a completely online environment.

Therefore, all procedures of the purchased course are carried out via Kurslab.

Trainee finds his trainer

The trainees can make a selection from among the trainers included in the system by filtering according to their available time and the subject on which they want to receive training. The trainees can select the free times from the schedule in the profile of the trainer and make course reservation. If they need, they can discuss with the trainer about the details of the course by sending a message to the trainer and request trial courses from the trainer.

Course Request is approved

One of the privileges offered by Kurslab is the inclusion of also the trainers as an active user into the system. The system keeps the interaction between the trainee and the trainer at a high level at every stage. The trainer can evaluate the course demand and the trial course requests of the trainees, speak with the trainee via the chat system of Kurslab if necessary and gives the course approval if everything is all right!

Congratulations! Now, you are ready for the Online Training Experience as well!

After the approval of the trainer, the online payment takes place. 15% of the fee that you pay is deducted as a commission fee by Kurslab.

One-to-one – Online!

You can give online courses in Kurslab only by using your computer. Your only need is a powerful internet connection and your computer. When the course time comes, the students and the trainers perform the training via Kurslab’s own system only by using their own computers. Our trainings are given completely with the system of Kurslab and the advanced smart board feature without the need for any application such as Skype etc.



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