What is Kurslab?

Who are we?
Kurslab is an online education platform takes its power from informatics by its offices in METU Technopolis and Silicon Valley. It follows all new applications in the sector with a team that is working for developing and improving online education opportunities. Even in the very first month of its publication Kurslab attracted great interests by 1500 instructor applications; and our platform is being prepared to be one of the best in the sector with its active user group and carefully selected instructors.

Our Mission
Kurslab's mission is to provide one on one education on every subject; to save time and money while doing this. Developed in METU Technopolis Kurslab offers the opportunity to learn from the best tutors for students; and to teach as they wish in a comfortable environment for the users around the world.

How it works?
Kurslab is an online education platform that brings instructors and students together in a completely online environment. The system which contains thousands of expert tutors in any subject, allows students to choose the one for themselves. Thanks to the one on one live lessons on Kurslab video-conversation system, anyone can learn any topic at literally anywhere. The combination of the convenience of online education and efficiency of private tutoring makes our system highly beneficial.

Our Team


Mustafa Gençoğlu



Metehan Arslan



Zeyyat Şahin

Training Coordinator


Gökhan Cali

Digital Media Specialist


Emrah Yıldırım

Graphic Design


Volkan Mutlu

Product Development Specialist (PD)


Özgen Takavut

CRM Specialist (CRM)


Özlem Karakulak

CRM Specialist (CRM)


Gamze Bayram

Human Resources Specialist (HR)


Benefits Of Kurslab

  • Brings tutor and student together whenever the time they wish
  • Provides getting the courses you want on the fields that more than 500
  • Enables to reach hundreds of tutors and students in abroad or other cities
  • Enables to reach hundreds of tutors and students in abroad or other cities

Why education is different in Kurslab?

  • The possibility of comparing tutors who are experts on their fields according to prices, experiences and comments
  • The opportunity of getting courses online, live, whenever and wherever they want from the tutors they choose without losing time
  • The advantage of paying the tutor fees with credit/debit card in a secure environment
  • The chance of reaching the course records and tutor after the live session whenever they want

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